Oraison H. Larmon is a doctoral student in the Department of Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. They work across archival studies, gender studies, and performance studies. Through these fields, Larmon examines how bodies are records that enact broader archival discourses.

Previously, Larmon worked in the archives at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, New York University. They helped to establish the physical archive and library at the institute, comprising performance art materials from across the Americas.

Larmon also worked as an assistant curator at Bobst Library, assisting with appraisal and preservation for the permanent collections in the Hemispheric Institute Digital Video Library. 

They are co-curator with Martha Wilson of Franklin Furnace: Performance & Politics (2018). This online collection represents the historical, cultural, and political legacy of Franklin Furnace Archive. Other curatorial projects include the event Performing the Archive (2013), the full-scale exhibition Desperate Archives (2014), and the performance program for the Radical Archives Conference (2014).

Larmon's research on archives has been presented at The New School, Pratt Institute, and New York University, among other institutions. Currently, Larmon is completing the articles "Bodies as Records: Gesturing Toward Embodied Recordkeeping Practices," and "Trans- Figuring Records*: Representing Trans Bodies in Archives." Larmon is editor of the catalogue Franklin Furnace: Performance & Politics (HemiPress, 2018).